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Seneca Financial Solutions

Jun 18, 2019

With a recession somewhere on the horizon, a natural question that arises in many investors' mind is 'Should I short?' With many methods to bet against the market, Luke and Jordan discuss the hows, whos whys and whats of short selling. The information in this podcast is general in nature and does not provide advice...

Jun 11, 2019

The most effective way to become wealthy is by owning equity. While investing in companies fulfils this task, starting a business does as well. It has never been easier to start your own company than in today's world so Luke and Jordan discuss the Seneca journey to illustrate key lessons in effective business...

Jun 4, 2019

Times are changing, PMI/ISM growth is negative, bond yield curves have inverted and Trump is on a tariff tear. Luke and Jordan discuss sensible ways to make money (or lose less money) out of a falling market. Learn how to use calls, puts and gold to hedge against an economic downturn. Luke's Weekly Note is available at